My Ghost Story

There was me and Nicole. We went up the hill to pick blueberries last year. We saw an old cabin in the woods. We went inside the cabin and there was a broken table and chairs and a whole bunch of glass everywhere. We heard a scream so we started to run down the hill. I looked back at the cabin one more time and I saw a girl with long hair blocking her face with her head down. She had on a white dress. I told Nicole and then she looked and there was nothing there. So we ran to Kyle’s house. She wanted to see it so we went back up the hill. Then, we heard crying so we went in. I went in first and we could see her crying with her head down then she looked at us with scratches on her face. Me, Nicole and Lylie screamed and we ran down the hill as fast as we could. I looked back one more time and I saw her coming down the hilll, walking, coming towards us. So we ran to Kylie’s house and we sat down on the chair. We heard walking, in her house and when we looked it was a black shadow.

Breanne Bernard
We’koqma’q Elementary
Grade 5

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