True Story

One day I heard a baby cry in my Auntie Carol’s house. Then I heard a woman say “Help me.” I think it was my Great-Grammie and I heard someone saying “Get out!” I got scared when I heard it. The next morning I woke up and no one was there so I went to go see who was awake but they were all sleeping. So I went to my Auntie Carol’s house and someone said, “What are you doing here?” First I thought it was Monica but it was not her. It was a ghost, some ghost was telling me, “Help me” again. So I walked upstairs and woke up Monica and I said to her, “Monica, there is a ghost in your house.” So it was night. Me and Monica went to watch TV at 10:00 and we heard someone say, “go to bed.” We ran upstairs and woke up Auntie Carol. She said what we said someone is talking to us downstairs. She came down with us and she had her knife. The End.

Veronica Martin
We’koqma’q Elementary
Grade 4

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