The Ghost in the Basement

Once upon a time there were two best friends. One of them was sleeping over her house. Once they got to her place, they played some games. When it was time for them to go to bed they heard something from the basement. They were too scared to move so they put on the TV. Then they ran to the girl’s mom’s room to tell what they heard in the basement. Then they went to the room where they were sleeping, they heard the noise again. So they could not stand it anymore and they went to the basement. They looked around the basement. When they were going back up something stopped them. They looked back and they saw and ugly ghost! They yelled and ran. One of the girls fell where the ghost was. She looked and got up as fast as she could. The walls were bloody, she picked up a pan and hit the ghost until he got sleepy. Then he was an angry and bad ghost. Now he was mad, because he got hit from the girl with the pan. Then he was gone and the girl’s mom ran out with them. The ghost put the house on fire.

He was thinking that he was out of the house and the people were in, but it was the wrong way. So the ghost was never seen again. The End.

Jessie Phillips
We’koqma’q Elementary
Grade 4

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