Scary Witches

There was a little boy named Marten Doodle. Heís a mystery boy. One day he went by a really scary house. So Marten went over there and knocked on the door. A witch answered the door. The witch said "oh, hi little boy! What do you want?" Marten said "Oh a witch! AHHHHHHH!" Marten ran away and went to tell his friend the creepy bear. Then the bear said "What do you want?" Marten said "I saw three witches." Marten brought the creepy bear to the castle. The bear knocked on the door. All three witches answered the door. Bear said "You donít want me to eat you now." One with said "Iíll put a spell on you, now zip it." The second witch said "You zip it now." The oldest witch said "Zip your mouth before I zip your mouth." So all witches used their wands. Marten and bear zip their mouths. Marten and bear ran away and hugged each other.

Basa Julian
Indian Brook
Grade 4

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