The Hallowe'en Doll

Once upon a time there was a new doll in the shop, it was called the Hallowe'en Doll. Sabrina asked her mother if she could get it. She said, "Maybe another day." She said, "OK," then they went home to eat. They ate hamburger and frieds.

It was time for Sabrina to go to bed. She dreamed of the doll. She dreamed that she was holding the doll, then she woke up.

She said to herself, "It was only a dream," then she went in the bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower. Her mother told her to come and finish her breakfast because they were going to get the doll, it was $30.00. Her mother had $500.00. She had enough to buy the doll. It had braces, scary clothing and she had braided hair. The doll kind of looked scary but she still got it.

She was really, really happy that she got it. Her friend called and said, "Do you want to sleep over?" Sabrina said, "OK," then she went to ask her mom is she can. Her mom said, "Yes." Sabrina went to go and pack her bag. She brought a lot of stuff. She brought panties, clothes and socks. Then her mother drove her to Nadlie's house, she was having a sleep over party. Sabrina brought her doll. The other girls were kind of scared of it. Nadlie asked, "What is that?"

Sabrina said,"It's my new doll," then they said, "It's really nice but kind of scary too."

Sabrina exclaimed, "I don't care, I like it!" Then Nadlie's mother came out and said, "You guys have to go to bed." Nadlie asked, "Can't we stay up a little later?" but Nadlie's mother said, "It's 1:00 in the morning," so Nadlie and her friends went to bed. Sabrina left her doll in the living room. Sabrina said, "I left my doll in the living room. I have to go and get it, but I'm too scared to go alone. Can one of you come?" Sarah answered, "I'll come."

They both went into the living room to get the doll but it wasn't there. Sabrina said, "Where's my doll?" Then they went to go and check in the closet but it was not there. Sabrina said, "I need to use the bathroom." Sarah said, "OK, I'll wait for you here." When Sabrina went into the bathroom she saw Raya hanging from the bathtub pole. She screamed and ran to Nadlie's mom. She asked surprised, "What? What?" Sabrina screamed, "Raya's hanging in the bathroom!" Nadlie's mom ran to go and check but she screamed so loud her lungs burst and she died. Sabrina shouted, " AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and ran to tell Nadlie. Nadlie said, " Something's going wrong here. We have to call the cops!" Sabrina whispered, "Wait! Do you hear that?" Sarah said, "Yes I do!" So they went to go and check where it was coming from, but they didn't find the noise. They listened to see if they could hear it again and they did. They heard, "I'm going to kill you Jenna." Jenna screamed and said, "We're not safe here, let's go!" Sabrina said, "Let's go out this door," but they couldn't. It was locked. Jenna said, "I'm scared." Sabrina said, "Don't be scared we'll get out of here." All of a sudden they heard a voice say, "You'll never get out of the house." They all said, "Let us out right now!" The girls heard someone scream, "Help them!" Sabrina said, "That's Nadlie. Let's go help her." When they found her the doll had tied her up. Sabrina demanded, "Let her go now!" The doll said, "Give me the crystal first and I'll give you her." Sabrina handed the doll the crystal then ordered, "Now let her go!" The doll let Nadlie go and she never came back. Nadlie had to live with Sabrina because her mom died. They moved into a big house and there were no doll shops around.

The End.

Lindsey Denny
Pictou Landing
Grade 4

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