One cold, cold rainy night in 1870, a man was driving around Maple Street when he saw a little girl standing on the side of the road. He stopped and asked her if she needed a drive home. She nodded and got into the car . When she got in the car the man ask her where she lived. She told him where she lived. He kept looking back at her in the mirror and he saw a long green and blue scarf on her. He told her he liked the scarf but she didn't answer. She was looking out the window and pointed at a big yellow house, and said slowly ,"I live there." The man pulled in the drive way and said."Well, this is where you live. It was nice talking to you." As she walked slowly to the door the man drove away. Three blocks away he saw her scarf on the back seat. He turned around and went back to her house. He knocked on the door and said."Your daughter left her scarf in my car." The parents of the little girl said,"she died on Maple Street 2 years ago, she got hit by a car." The man looked like he saw a ghost and said,"I gave her a ride home. I saw her standing on the side of Maple Steet". He gave the scarf to the parents and he slowly walked to his car and drove away. This is a true story my Grandparents told me how it happened. I have the green and blue scarf to prove it!

Marissa Prosper
Pictou Landing
Grade 4

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