When I was at Meligomish with my family we were all sleping when suddenly I woke up because I heard groaning noises. I woke up my mom and dad. Then everybody else woke up. When we checked outside nothing was there. Then we heard it again but this time we ignored it.

My mom cooked stew because we were all hungry. Then we heard the groans again! So when we checked this time it turned out to be a big mad hungry bear! We decided to run to the church and inside we saw the headless horseman. Then we ran to the graveyard but the people started to come out of their graves. So we ran to the wharf and we saw a guy sitting in his boat. We told him to take us back to Quarry Island. When we got to the island he went back to Meligomish Island and we were going to say thank you but he left before we could say it. So we got in the car and went to his house and we told his parents but they said he died two years ago on Meligomish Island.

Trish Cameron
Pictou Landing
Grade 4

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