Tonight is Halloween I need to run to the store and get fake blood and a fake knife it's going to be fun scaring all the people it's 5:00 I better get going. My dead rotten human will scare the socks off the people I walk to tonight I will get a lot of candy I already got an oh henry bar and five kit kat bars. The haunted house opens at 8:00 I'll have the best costume ever. Right now i will scare my brother. I jump up and scare my big evil brother he's a devil. There is more candy in that house over there the woman inside is a witch she gives me candy my trick or treating is going well I have lots of chocolate and lots of candy. There is a scarecrow in the backyard I am going to see but comes to life and jumps on me but all this time it was my mom. The haunted house is open there is a big line. Finally I'm next the a big killer that is looking at me and a skeleton that grabbed my hand soon there is a monster holding a knife and he's chasing me it's hairy but one bad thing it's real so I ran to the exit I looked back and everyone was gone so I went home and went to bed.

Spencer Barnaby
Grade 4

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