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Planting the seeds for tomorrow's world!

Why should we invest in education and technology?


Policy makers do listen to people's ideas. Let's empower youth to have their voices heard!

Using age-appropriate means (posters, art, essays, PowerPoint, or video), students will explain why education and technology are so important.

The group action part of the contest involves identifying who should hear the students' message, and figuring out how to impact policy... how to get those in power to share our vision! Some examples might include petitions or letter writing, fax, and e-mail campaigns to elected officials and the new ministers of Indian Affairs and Industry Canada. Students might want to meet with Chief and Council to express their concerns. Newspapers, television, radio, and web pages might be used to distribute messages emphasizing the importance of funding education and technology in First Nation communities.

Group entries will be judged on how well the students organize, present, and deliver their message. Document your school's efforts. Send us copies of faxes and e-mails. Build web pages. Share your efforts and successes!

A special blue ribbon panel will judge the contest.

Eligibility This contest is open to all Canadian First Nation students!
Individual entries may be from any First Nation student.
Group entries must be from First Nation schools or organizations.
Prizes eMac or PC - winner's choice!Canon ZR-60 digital video camera! Group Prize
Computer (Mac or PC) and Digital Video Camera

Individual Prizes (4)
Digital (still) cameras for Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Junior and Senior High categories Digital Camera!

All participants will be winners! Everyone will be recognized by being published on the internet, and will receive a certificate and small prize.

Submit to Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: contests@firstnationhelp.com

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Submissions are preferred in electronic medium format.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Finding Native resources and organizations

Finding elected representatives

Example of students impacting policy