Devils Child

Once upon a scary night two little girls went out to play in the cold, wet, dark woods. One girl was named Keisha, and the other girl's name was Brianna. They were having a camp-out in the woods, it was the day before Halloween. They were waiting for their other friends; Laura, Berlyn, Ceanna, Joella, Kayla and Sharlene. While they were waiting they were thought of what games to play and stuff like that. Keisha came up with a good idea, 'Hey lets have a séance, it's the day before Halloween, so why not?' Brianna looked at her and said 'That is a good idea!'

Keisha said, 'Hey! Let's play a trick on the girls!' she stopped to think and continued; 'you can help too you know Bre ... I don't have to think of every thing myself.'

Brianna said 'I can't think of anything... let's just not do it. I don't want to get in trouble…plus we are already going to have a séance and I am so scared ... What if ... Ummm ... What if I start getting scared and then get an asthma attack and don't have my puffer and I will get sick and you and the girls will have to get the ambulance... and what if...'

Keisha interrupted her 'None of that is going to happen. Now stop worrying.'

'I got it' Keisha continued 'Let's play a trick on them by pretending to have an asthma attack and let the girls go and get help, but while they get help I will get my brothers and their friends to start grabbing them so they wont go and you wont get in trouble.'

Brianna greeted Kayla and Joella to the camp out. Brianna nodded at Keisha and it was one more guest arrived, Sharlene showed up with her older brother.

He was kind of weird, every one called him "Psycho Stu" every one called him that because every time in class he would yell "I am a messenger from the devil himself and he told me to tell you all that Desiree is going to die a lunch time!"

Sure enough the teacher told him to "sit down and keep quiet"

But when lunch time came around Desiree was outside playing in the very same woods as they were camping out in and all of a sudden a logger was in the woods and he chopped down a tree. He didn't know that she was there and it hit her. She was saying "Help! Some body help me!"

The logger looked down at her and said "Miss I am sorry." then the horns came out and the skin on him was red; he was so scary. He took the machine and cut her in half and took one half to her mother at work, and the other half at her fathers work. The parents were devastated, they said "it's that little boy, he said that our daughter is going to die! Our daughter is dead now. She is gone forever, nothing can bring her back. Nothing!"

So that was the story on "Psycho Stu".

Brianna was afraid , and she said 'he is going to freak me out, I can't! I want to leave NOW!'

She was like 'Don't listen to any thing he says and you will be alright.'

Psycho Stu said 'Brianna, The devil said "Get out now or you will die." Berlyn, Ceanna, Joella, and I think that you should leave now or he will come and get you.'

They thought and they left and after while he said 'your friends, Ceanna and Brianna, are dead. They're at Hallow Lake, by the shore near the big rock. I didn't want to tell you...' then the started to freak out

Then Keisha said 'That's it Stu. You're going to tell the devil that I want to see him now.'

Stu said 'are you sure?'

Keisha said 'I am sure you tell him take me, I have nothing to live for any more. Tell him come and get me'

Stu looked down and said 'he don't want you, he didn't want Brianna either I made it all up. I wanted to be noticed for once and I was excited to come here and freak you girls out… But I am serious now you have to leave. I will stay here, you girls go on with out me. I am going to deal with him.'

The rest left but Keisha stayed with him and said 'We can fight him together.'

The devil came and he took Keisha and said 'You're the next person to die'

Keisha started to cry and the she said 'why me? why not any body else? I will change if you want me to you can take me after, but not now.'

Stu said 'Take me. I will die for her. I am sick of being your messenger, I am through.'

The Devil looked at him, took him to the edge of the cliff and dropped his body in the water. But while he was going down he stabbed him four times. Keisha didn't die but she felt like somehow it was her fault that he died.

Kayla Nevin

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