Just as the Clock Struck Twelve

There was a boy named Frank. He was not an ordinary boy, he had something wrong with him at night.

The major problem was that he turned into a goblin at midnight; exactly at twelve o'clock.

He would freaked out and scream and cry. His mother always came to check on im every night at the same time.

Frank was not just a goblin, he was a goblin that would eat humans.

At twelve o'clock, midnight, his mom came to check on him because he was screaming and crying under the blankets. His mom lifted the blanket off him and ... She screamed and starting running. Frank chased her down and what happened...? She screamed and started running. Frank chased her down and what happened...? He ate her. It only took one hour an he ate her bones and all. When the hour was up, he ran to his mom's beroom and started calling, "mommy, mommmy! mommy?... where are you?" He forgot what he had done to her. the next day he went out and ran away from the police because there was blood on his P.J.s.

They knew Frank has killed his mother. They chased and chased him but to no avail. Firstly they gave up because they knew they couldn't get him.

Everynight just as the clock struck twelve, Frank began gobling up all the humans he could find. No one has ever caught him and no one has ever lived to tell the horrific tale. Watch out because you never know what might happen when the clock strikes tweleve.

the end

Jill Sack

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