I Should Have Never Open the Door

I Should have never open the door. I was watching T.v, my friends and I were having a sleepover. Then someone kept knocking on the door. Everyone was scared to anwser it because we were watching a scary movie. Then Jill said "You guy's are all babyies, I'll anwser it. I ain't scared." Then all the girls were looking at her, she started walking then she got by the door. She was turning the knob. As soon as she did she seen a ghost by the window staring at her. She freaked out and went back to the room and then the girls asked her "who was that?" she didn't say nothing then they asked her again and she said "I didn't answer it because I seen something by the window." then someone knocked again, Jill said "I ain't getting the door this time." So Shanice and Naomi went, they opened the door. There standing was a ghost and they freaked out running into the room.

The End

Felicity Levi

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