I Should Have Never Opened the Door

I never should have opened the door. Because there was my principal Mr. H. He is mean and he has stink breath. He comes into my classroom and gets mad at us for no reason at all.

One time I was late for class because I went to the bathroom, so when I went back to my classroom my teacher told me to get a late slip, so I did. I came back and sat down then my principal Mr. H. told me to go to the principal's office and I got detention for the whole lunch and recess. So I said to Mr. H. "Man, leave me alone. You only put me in detention so leave me alone, I'm leaving."

Which I did.

I got suspended from school for a whole week. I did not like it one bit because my mom grounded me for one whole month and I didn't like that one bit. I went back to school because I wasn't suspended anymore and I went to my mom and told my mom that Mr. H. is mean and he got fired.

Naomi Thiebaux

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