That Kid

Jack and Caren were decorating their house for Halloween. They bought candies for the Trick or Treaters and bought scary music.It was just four days till Halloween. They were going to a Halloween Haunted House Dance. It was at eight thirty till ten forty five. Jack's dog was going to watch the house. They put their costumes on and their masks. Caren was a witch Jack was a zombie. They both looked scary. Next they went in the car and set off to the Dance. They met their old friends there. "Hello" said Jack and Caren. May and Ricky were surprised to see them. The juice had gingerale in it, wich made it taste like pop. They were having the times of their lives. The next day it was Halloween. Caren put all of the candy in a bowl, cause it was five forty-nine. Jack was going Tric or Treating. But he was a little too old for it. He was twenty-six years old. A lot of little kids came first. One of them was a goblin. Caren's neice was a devil. She was so cute. Caren saw a little boy about seven years old. He had a real knife threw his head and a nail thew his hand. He said "tric or treat." Caren went to get the candy. By the time she got there, he was gone. Then Jack came home and told Caren that he met a lady and she said her husband murdered her son. He continued. He said that a stuck a knife threw his head and nailed him on a wall by his hand. "That's horrible" she said. "Yes it is" said Jack. "She said he died three weeks ago" said Jack. That night Caren couldn't sleep. She kept on seeing a vision of that kid!

Have a Happy Halloween

Mary Beth

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