The Psycho Part 1

I was walking down the road when this guy told me to come with him. I told him "no" but then he pulled a cleaver out and tried slicing me. I ran till I got to the woods, but then a tree almost and fell hit me. I ran to my house taking the shortcut. My house was locked up then I heard a loud screech coming from across the street. I checked by knocking on the door. There was a massive blood loss from the body hanging out of the window. But there was a knife stuck in the body's temple. Then I broke into my house. I grabbed three of my pocket knifes and my dad's hunting knife. I found the guy in the school laying down his weapons. I threw my pocketknife at his neck. He did not fall down. So I watched him walked toward me. I stabbed in the heart. But did not stop him. He went through the door and up the hall and then he called "YOU'RE NEXT!!!" I ran to the St. John River he held out a shotgun and said "last chance!" He ran at me and landed in the river and drowned to death. I was walking to the mall and then I saw a body climbing out of the water, it was the killer. I then shoved him into a truck and put a cinder block on the gas peddle and the truck hit a brick wall and it was over. Or was it? To be continued!

Lance Sappier
St. Mary's

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