The Dark Woods

Once upon a time, on Halloween, five teenagers were walking down the road. The moon was full. You could hear kids screaming and yelling. The five teenagers are lost in the big woods. The teenagers don't know where they are going because it is very dark. They're in the woods all alone.

You could hear a werewolf howling at the moon. The teenagers saw blood on the trees. One of the teenagers got hit with a butcher knife. The knife went right through him. The teenagers were screaming and yelling. The teenagers are running until they feel like they are safe. They start to walk in the woods and they hear bushes moving. One of the teenagers said,"I think it is a rabbit." The other one said, "I think it is a werewolf." A werewolf jumped up and tackled one of the teenagers. The three teenagers are so creepy now. The teenagers were walking for two hours so far. All of a sudden, one of the teenagers fell in a boobey trap. The other teenagers are trying to lift one of the teenagers out of the trap. All of a sudden, a werewolf just started running towards the teenagers. The two teenagers took off on the teenager who was in the boobey trap. The werewolf jumped in the boobey trap with the teenager and ate him.

The two teenagers were walking for one hour. They saw a house with lights on. The two teenagers are running to the house. They knocked on the house. An old women came to the door. One of the teenagers asked the women, "Do you have a phone?" "Yes, I do have a phone." Genial said, "can I use it?" "Sure," said the women. Genial dialled the number of her mother's cellphone. Genial's mom asked,"Where are you?" Genial asked the woman,"What is your name?" "My name is Olivia." Genial told her mother the woman's name."Ok, I'll be there in a couple minutes." Genial's mon came and Genial and her friend got into the car. They went home and told the cops what happened last night. Genial and her friend went home after they told the cops what happened. The two girls lived happily ever after.

THE END !!!!!!!

Chelsea Sark
Lennox Island

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