Once upon a time there was a haunted house and my friend lived at the house. One night she was having a party at the haunted house. My friends and I were all there. We discovered the haunted house was haunted by dead people, spiders, vampires and snakes. There were nine teenagers at the party, eight of them were nervous.

I knew there were dead people, spiders, vampires, and snakes in the house. I tried to tell them that the house was haunted, but they were not scared because they thought I was just kidding around. But I was telling the truth. The girl that was living there, heard noise there every night, but she did not want to say anything. She did not want them to leave the house. There was a full moon that night. It was dark, creepy, and scary outside and inside the house. My friends were dancing, talking and having a lot of fun. So, they weren’t worried or scared about what I said.

Once the full moon was up, they started to hear noises down the stairs. But they were too scared to see what was down there. The boys were not scared, so one boy went down the stairs and looked behind him. This was a perfect time for me to take a bite. His blood was tasty. One boy thought his friend was taking too long in the basement. "I am going down there to see if he is okay." His nervous buddy warned him not to go down there! But he does not listen to him and goes down stairs. He simply provided me with another good drink of blood. And there were seven people left and that's when all the monsters came out and started chasing all of the people. All of the people left the haunted house. But the house was never haunted. I was one of the vampires and the other vampires were just in costumes. The spiders and snakes weren't real. So we went to call some people back. Some of them came back and some were to scared to come back. The people that came back, partied all night till dawn not knowing there was a real vampire among them.


Arlene Tuplin
Lennox Island

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