A Freaky Night

One Halloween night the moon was full and bright. There was a dance going on at the old creepy house. The music was really loud, so they couldn't hear a Cry For Help. There was bobbing for apples, scary costumes and a person that didn't want to do anything. All that person wanted to do was sit there in the dark until the time was right. It had all black on and a hood over it's head. Nobody noticed that it started to go up the creepy old stairs.

Then the dance was over. Just when everybody was going to leave, the door slammed shut. Then they all heard something say in a really spooky voice, "You can't leave now the fun is just beginning." Then everybody started screaming. Then one by one something took them down to the basement. Then they heard the cry for help. They all started screaming again. After, they found themselves were all chained up.

This guy started to argue with one of the zombies. So, they took him off his chains and took him to the slaughter room. All you could hear was a man screaming. Then they all saw the man's head roll out of the slaughter room. The zombies took everybody upstairs. What they did up there was really bad. Then this teenager took off his chains with his teeth. He started to take everybody's chains off. Then one of the zombies caught him taking the chains off of everyone. So, the people that where free, started to run around the house. The teenager almost got away, but one of the ghosts caught him.

The zombies started to go find the rest of the people. Then it happened, the black thing took a butcher's knife and started to chop everybody's head off. The black thing said, "My name is the Phantom of the Dead!" He said that if they tried to escape he would pull their hearts out and eat them. Then he said he would leave them in there forever. Finally, he said, "let my pet werewolf in to eat them all."

This wasn't a good night for Halloween. You could see dead people all over the floor. Then it started to thunder and lighting. The Phantom of the Dead was getting mad, because the zombies didn't bring the other people back. Then they all had something to drink. After they finished with their drinks, the Phantom of the Dead told them that the drink was poison. The only person that didn't drink it was a woman that didn't like to drink a thing at Halloween parties. So, most of them died from the poison. Then the zombies took the dead people off the chains. They took them outside and threw them in the river. Some of the zombies came back with the people. The Phantom of the Dead took the butcher's knife and cut off their heads.

There was another flash of lighting in the sky. Then another thing came out of the dark. It was a big monster with big teeth and big hands that could crush you like a bug! The people who got their heads cut off started to come alive. They started to go find their heads and put them back on. Once they found their heads they started to choke the people that were still alive. Then these spirits started to come from the floors. They were native people that had come to help the people that were dying. The natives started to kill the zombies and ghosts. Then they let everybody out of the old creepy house and nobody ever went in that house again.

The End!

Shelby-Lynn Arsenault
Lennox Island

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