Science Convention

One dark and creepy night there was a man working on his invention. The man was mad because the scientists at the science convention didn't like his invention because it could turn things to life. Before he left he said he was going to make every porcelain doll in the world come to life. So, the scientists went out to kill the man.

The scientists found the man at his house. When the man opened the door, one of the scientists stabbed him in the heart.

The next day the scientists didn't have to go to work because it was Halloween. So, the scientists stayed home with their children. The night of Halloween, the scientists had an urgent call, but they didn't know who it was because they never get urgent calls. So they went to the office, but nobody was there. Then they heard, "you killed me!" The scientists were very scared. They didn't know who it was. Then they heard, "I'm the man you killed!" Then the scientists were even more scared because now they knew who it was. It was the man they killed. Before they could say anything, the ghost killed them.

Every Halloween night the ghost wonders through the lab where the scientists worked, scarring anybody who decides to work late in the lab.

The End

Timothy Bernard
Lennox Island

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