The grade 1/2 class made a wooden heart collage for someone special. They cut out pictures from magazines. The pictures they used depict what Valentines means to them. A clear finish was applied to the wooden hearts to give them a smooth, glossy look.

(picture 1) Grade 2 students from left to right - Kit'pu Herney, Wynter Francis, Taylor Francis, Trinity Nicholas-MacKenzie, Corey Paul

(picture 2) Grade 1 students from left to right - MacKenzie Francis, Adam Paul, Summer Brooks, Bailey Prosper

(picture 3) Grade 1 students from left to right - Savanna Francis, Selena Denny, Rayen Francis, George Hennessey, Pi'kun Herney

(pictures 4 and 5) a close up sample of what the hearts look like

Pictou - Grades 1 and 2

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