Did You Ever?

You Are The Sparkle In my Eye,

The only person that could ever make me cry.

It's Hard to explain how deep my love is for you.

Did you ever look into someones eyes and say a little prayer?

But who needs words when the both of us knows its true.

I Can't Go on a day without thinking about you,

I even like the way you tie your shoes.

Everytime i see you I Feel so Happy.

Did you ever look in to someones heart and wish you were there?

I Can't stand a day when i know your around but not looking my way.

You are my life, my heart, my everything, no body knows the happiness you bring.

Did you ever Watch someone walk away, not wanting them to go?

Did you wisper , "God i love you" but never letting them know?

When im feeling sad and blue,

All I have to do is think about you.

Did you ever feel like crying knowing it would get you no where?

It's hard to explain why I I feel this way.

But feelings like this

Won't Go Away.

Charlotte Christmas - fwd by Newell Johnson

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