You're the beating of my heart, you're the feeling in my soul, you're the one that gives me power, you're the one that keeps me whole.

You're the voice in my head, you're the teardrop in my eye, You're the one who brings me happiness, you're the sun in my sky.

You're the shiver in my body, you're that tingling feeling inside, you're the one that lifts my spirits, you're the one that give me pride.

You're the words in my mouth, you're the healing of my pain, you're the one that brings me rainbows, you're the one that clears the rain.

You're the emotion of love, you're the influence of my mind, you're the tenderness of my lips , you're the memories unwind .

You're the answers to my prayers, you're my whole wishes come true , you're the start of my day, and forever I will love you.

Kylie Cabot


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