Ki'l na wasoqnmaqn na'kwek, aqq nkloqowejm wela'kw. Nkamlamun Ki'lewey aqq pastk Ki'lewey Iapjiw.

Kamlamuk Mukk tewiska'tuwiw, Kesalul na nitapjij eknmultis wula wasuekjij.


Love is preciouis, love is sweet, love is something you cannot eat.

Love is kind, love is not lust, love is special, it's all about trust.

Love is for me, love is for you, love is a couple; turns one to two.

Love is yours, love is mine, love is ours,

Be my Valentine!

Valentine's Day is a day of love, where love is as bright as the sun.

We share kisses and even a hug, with people we call our loved ones.

Unrequited love is oh! so harsh, when the one you love doesn't love you, you feel you're left standing by the dark wishing this reality were untrue.

Well that's why Valentine's Day is so great. It encourages you to show you care, It makes you just wanna say, I love you and will always be there.

I once loved someone in this way, and I was encouraged on Valentine's Day.

I went up to him, just to say, I would like you to be mine on this Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Samantha Simon

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