The Teacher Has Children

There's a teacher named Cathy Cooper. She loves a boy. They get married. They have children. They have a little girl and call her Mariah. Valentine's Day was coming and she wanted to give her Valentines card to Amber because she was mad. So she gave them to Amber. The boys made her cry. She hated Valentines. She never went to school for two days. Then her friend came to her house. "Tomorrow we arehaving a Valentine's party at the school," said Amber. "Can I have my Valentines cards back?" Amber gave Mariah's Valentines cards all back. Mariah went back to school and gave the boys Valentines cards. All the boys were nice to her. They gave her cards and hot chocolate. The girls didn't ned to do the work. The boys did all the work. The girls were so happy. She loved Valentines. It was Valentine's Day and the teacher was so happy.

Mariah Roberts

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