Timmy Turner's in Love

Timmy Turner was in love with Trixie Tang. Every time Timmy tried to get Trixie's attention, she ignored him. He had fairy godparents, so he made a wish to them. Their names were Wanda and Cosmo. He wished he could become the funniest boy on Earth. "Would you be my Valentine Trixie?" She just laughed because he was the funniest boy on Earth. He went to the Fairyworld with his fairy godparents to see Cupid. He asked Cupid to make Trixie fall in love with him. Cupid said, "No, because someone else is already in love with you. Her name is Tootie." He still wanted to be Trixie's valentine and he decide he might as well fall in love with Tootie.

Rebecca Peck

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