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March 2005 Contest - Reach Out & Connect!

Reach Out & Connect!

Atlantic First Nation schools can now be connected with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment. The March contest is simple. The school that connects via videoconferencing with the most First Nation schools wins!

Deadline April 7, 2005
Eligibility Entries must be from First Nation schools, classes, or youth organizations in Atlantic Canada.
Prizes The winning school will receive a pizza party for the participants and their choice of new equipment for the school (maximum $1,500.)
Submit to Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com

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  1. Use videoconferencing equipment in the schools to connect with other First Nation schools in Atlantic Canada. (There's no extra cost to the school for making calls!)
    Spring breaks will be an obstacle, so schedule wisely!
  2. Record your contacts on our contact log http://firstnationhelp.com/2005mar/log.php. In the contact log you will list the schools contacted, the date, and a contact person who can validate the contact.
Resources Videoconference Sites: http://firstnationhelp.com/h323status.php

(Other national resources may be posted later, so check the web page!)