Summary of Qualifications


Reasons that would make me the best for this job is that I am able to relate to people on a unique level.


Objective/Position Applying For

I would be applying for chief of Eskasoni, NS


WORK Experience


2006–2009        Health Center                                           Eskasoni, NS

Adminsterative Assistant

n     Introduced a sex-ed program at the health center

n     Introduced annynomous coding for patients in need of it.

n     Introduced and promoted a crisis/counsouling center.



2005-2006         Eskasoni Super Market                              Eskasoni, NS

Director of Advertisment & Marketing

n     Increased regional sales from $2.7 million to $102 million.

n     Made out weekly coupons and flyers.



2004-2005         Mcdonald’s                                            Antigonish, NS

Senior Sales Representative

n     Tripled division revenues for each sales associate.

n     Expanded sales to include mass market accounts.

n     Expanded sales team from 50 to 100 representatives.




2006-2010         St. Francis Xavier Univercity                    Antigonish, NS

n     B.A.C, Bachelor of Arts and Communications

n     Graduated Top 10 of my class.


Awards and Achievements


Achieved recognition for my 10 year duty as a mentor for the youth of Eskasoni.


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Recently I’ve been participating in school/church functions and organizations.






Whitney Frank, Eskasoni (902)-379-2244

John Googoo,  Eskasoni (902)-379-3000

Denise Toney,  Eskasoni (902)-379-3000