Summary of Qualifications


 I agree with my self that I am well qualified for this job because I’ve been designing native work in fashion since I was sixteen and made the sewing machine my best friend. I knew by then that fashion would be my future and taking my native designs to the future wear for native Americans all over Canada and the United States.


Objective/Position Applying For

I am applying for the position of Native American Fashion Designer because I think I am the best person for the job. I am very creative and have many ideas that need to be exposed to the native world.


WORK Experience


2006-2007         Lnu`ey Tapsun (Micmac Clothes)               Bigcove, New Brunswick

  Designer & salesmen & advertiser

n     Made WebPages, advertisements

n     Made Gowns, Jackets, other clothing (with bead , fabric and leather work)

n     Sketcher of ideas for the next new clothing

n     Sales in Jackets were 20% higher



2007–2009        Brooks College                              Southern California, CA

Student for two years

n     Qualified for Designer and Assistance Designer, Fashion Stylist, Production, Patternmaker, Pattern Grader, Fabrications and Trim Buyer, as well as, Fashion Illustrator and Textile Artist



2009–2011        International Academy Of Design and Technology  Toronto, ON


n     Preparing for a career in the designing, making and marketing of fashion.

n     Fashion Marketing Merchandising Diploma Program

n      Monitoring the rapid transitions, bringing to market the fashions that people want precisely at the right time and price.

n     Marketable Qualificationh people want - at price




2012-2021         TAPSU`N                                                  Sydney, CB

n     Manager/Owner for my own business

n     Designer


Awards and Achievements


Reward for Aboriginal’s Fashion Designer of the year.  Reward for Volunteer of the year Eskasoni 2006-2007. Dean’s list at Brooks College for two years straight.

Achievement- Reaching my goal, Having my own business in native American fashion design.



Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


I have been involved in many activities related to the school area. One of them was volunteer work with children. I taught the children to dance in various types of powwow dancing. I also taught them how to bead and make regalia’s. The children showed much interest in what I have taught them, So I decided to also teach some cultural and traditional backgrounds. My interests today are designing and making new regalia’s and clothes with native designs and beadwork.  I also teach people that want to learn how to make regalias and ask for their opinions for future ideas.





Professor Kathey Newman

Brooks College 1(234)234-3434

Mrs. Madelin Arstotle

Bigcove ilnu`ey tapsun Manager

1(605) 379- 2133

Mr. Halaven Goodman

Eskasoni High School / Principal

1(487) 345-3345