Summary of Qualifications


Deck hand training, First Aid training, C.P.R, 458 total days out at sea

Objective/Position Applying For

Alaska King crab fisher


WORK Experience


2006-2008         King                                                                  Alaska


n     Manage the crew

n     Incrace the catch

n     Decrease deaths/injuries



2010-2014         Jamie                                                                 Alaska


n     Increased catch up to 50 thousand pounds

n     Average catch 200 thousand pounds

n     Most catch lost 1000 pounds


2014-2018         Sue                                                                    Alaska

Deak hand

n     Saved crew member from drowning

n     Worked 10-14 hours a day

n     Wash and scrub the deck




2000-2006         Eskasoni High School                                 Canada, N.S

n     Graduated from EHS



Awards and Achievements


Medal for saving other crew from sinking boat








John Johnson 565-2689

Frank Willson 589-2398

Eric MacAdams 574-4873