Summary of Qualifications


This job would suit me best because I like to learn and explain experiences I have. I would teach students the alphabet in micmac. Sentences and the alphabet in micmac would be the most strict….History, language, ancestors, nature etc. I am a fluid micmac speaker, I graduated from Eskasoni Hightech High School. where I had the highest marks in Mikmaq Studies 11 and Canadian History. I went to UCCB college and got a B.A., major in English, minor in Mikmaq Studies and a B.ED in secondary education, major in English and minor in Mikmaq Studies. Masters in Education in Mikmaq\Immersion


Objective/Position Applying For

Mikmaq Teacher/Canadian History


WORK Experience


2010–2015                                                                       Eskasoni, NS

Mikmaaq translator for the criminal justice system

n     Translated for both Mikmaq and English clients who did not understand the court system

n     Transferred people over to court and reminded them when their court date was

n     Worked with people under 18



2011-2012                                                                        Eskasoni, NS

Teachers Aid

n     Worked at Eskasoni Elementary

n     Worked with students 9-10.

n     Stayed after school for kids who needed extra help.



2015-2016                                                                        Eskasoni, NS

Judge for the Eskasoni Carnival

n     Judged the theme of the carnival

n     Judged mini queen 3-10.

n     Judged Pageant Queeen of 2016




2002-2003         Eskasoni HighSchool                                Eskasoni, NS

n     Received grade 12 diploma .

2003-2007         CBU                                                          Sydney, NS

n     B.A

n     Major in English

n     Minor in Mikmaq Studies

n     B.ED. in Secondary education

n     Masters in Education in Mikmaq/Immersion




Awards and Achievements


Certificate for best Mikmaq language speaker.


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


I’v been involved with after school meetings, clubs, sports






 Katani Julian, Eskasoni NS, 379-3000

Alexsanderine Stevens, Eskasoni NS, 537-2328

Mary Denny, Eskasoni NS