Summary of Qualifications


Registered with Emergency Health Care Services in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Class 4 Drivers License. Oral and Written Communication Skills. Committed to providing high quality patient care.



Objective/Position Applying For

Position as an Advanced Care Paramedic.


WORK Experience


20082009 Eskasoni, NS

Paramedic Sydney

n     Stopped Seizure activity, reversed a diabetic coma.

n     Returned the heart to its normal rhythm.

n     Opened airways for the asthmatics and assured that the effects of an anaphylactic reaction did not result in the loss of life.



2009-2011 Eskasoni Eskasoni, NS


n     Responded to emergency calls such as sudden illness, accidents.

n     Provided emergency medical care or care en route to other medical facilities.

n     Used proper techniques for first aid, medical treatments,etc.



2011-present Eskasoni Eskasoni, NS

Fist aid teacher

n     Taught CPR

n     Taught first aid.

n     Taught first aid for eye emergency, heart attack, choking, burns, bleeding and shock





2006-2008 Holland college Charlettetown, PEI

n     Diploma/techn.- Paramedicine

n     Graduated from Holland college


Awards and Achievements


The Employee of the Year award, The Paramedic of the Year Award.


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Volunteered at the Eskasoni Health Clinic.








Aqua Reeve, Ri Road , 555-1234

Marcus Macdonald, Mountain Road, 555-1563

Jake Holly, Plan Road, 555-3345