Danny Denny

Eskasoni, N.S.

Summary of Qualifications


I was part of 100 men and women chosen for an intensive astronaut candidate training program every two years.  In highschool I earned the best possible grades for standardized test scores.  I chose to major in engineering, biological, physical science, and mathematics. I graduated into a Master of Science program.  I am a fluent speaker, Mikmaq, English, Russian, German, Spanish and also French.


Objective/Position Applying For



WORK Experience


2006–Present       ESK Mechanics                                      Eskasoni, NS

Mechanical Engineer

n     Built A car from scratch.

n     2012 got award for best mechanic in the maritimes .

n     Created a nascar vehicle for nascar



2013-2019         Sydney Scientist                                           Sydney, NS


n     Found Cure For Cancer

n     Designed a explosive molecule that could wipe out Nova Scoita

n     Created A Mini Space Shuttle



2019-2024         Eskasoni Band Office                               Eskasoni, NS


n     Created A Movie Theather In the Reserve Of Eskasoni

n     Got The Band Office Out Of Depth .

n     Designed And Created A Mini Mall For The Reserve Of Eskasoni




2003-2006         Eskasoni Highschool                                 Esaksoni, NS

n     Graduated  In 2 and a half years.

n     Got highest marks in the school with a 95 Average


2007-2013         Harvard University                               Cambridge, MA

n     Bachelor of science degree

n     Master of science degree

n     Got highest average in Harvard with an 87


Awards and Achievements


Honors with distinction in highschool.

Got highest average in Harvard University with 87

Got award for best mechanic in 2012

Got greated by many presidents for finding a cure for cancer.



Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Ive Been Involved a lot with the community knowin that I was a councillor for the reserve of Eskasoni for 4 years, I have many interests’s but the biggest interest that ive got at the moment is to take a shuttle to mars and become the first Mikmaq to go to other space






John Micheal. 3484 Sydney River 1-(902)-555-3424   (Mechanic)

Thomas Dingman 3943 Cambridge 1-(345)-555-3295 (Dean of Harvard)

Blair Francis 1203 Shore Road, 1-(902)-379-2325 (councillor of Eskasoni)