Jo’san Stevens

Eskasoni, N.S.

Summary of Qualifications


I am a certified welder who is also a commercial diver. I am capable of performing tasks associated with commercial sub sea work,weld setup and preparation, and I have the ability to weld in accordance wutg tge AWS D3.6, Specification for Underwater welding and other weld related activities


Objective/Position Applying For

Underwater welder


WORK Experience


2012–2015        Northside diving                                        Oroville, usa

underwater welder

n     Certified commercial diving constructer

n     Pipeline inspection and installation.

n     Cutting, dredging, repairs, maintenence.



2016 – 2020      Specialty welds                              west Yorkshire, USA

District Sales Manager

n     Worked in the civil engineering sector

n     Got qualifications in NDT, welding inspection

n     Set up hydromech ltd.



2021-2025                                                                 Peterborough,Ont

n     Surface and underwater millwright maintenance and repair

n     Bridge and dam inspector

n     Under water construction.




2001 – 2002                                                                                       

n     Subway scuba school.

n     Graduated as certified diver

n     Graduated from Tulsa underwater welding school




Awards and Achievements


Won the welder of the year in 2006

Won the fast welding competition 2007


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Played defence tackle for the St Mary’s huskies






O’hara Young – 379 – 21467

Kenneth Johnson – 379 – 2389

Money Mike – 379 3568