Kenneth Johnson

Eskasoni, N.S.

Summary of Qualifications


I took a course in Metalurgy, safety, and welding. I was trained in: Safe underwater weldingprocedures, MMA welding plant & equipment, Underwater Welding techniques, Preparing to weld, Electrodes & weld, terminology, Basic weldability & common weld detail, Monitor & control welding operations, Quality assurance & quality control, Join steel plates using the three star.


Objective/Position Applying For

Underwater Welder


WORK Experience


2010-2012         Gray Diving Services                                                   

Underwater Welder

n     Gas cutting

n     Wet stick welding

n     Elecric and Ultra-thermic cutting Hydraulic cutting



2013-2016         Underwater Repairs                                             

underwater Welder

n     Habitat welding

n     Hyperbaric welding

n     Welding ofdoulber on Port Fuel tank of Container vessel at Freeport Treminal Melta



2017-2020         Underwater Welding Services                                       

Underwater welder

n     Reduced down time for repairs

n     Reduced repair expense

n     Reduced worker exposure.




1971–1975        America Welding Society                       South Ridge, SC

n     Metalurgy,

n     : Safe underwater weldingprocedures,

n     MMA welding plant & equipment

n     Welding techniques

n     Basic weldability & common weld detail,.


Awards and Achievements


Passed the course with the highest mark out of 350 people.


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Organized welding camp in the summer for any one that wants to learn how to weld.




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