Kylie Cabot

Eskasoni, N.S.

Summary of Qualifications


I have completed 4 years of medical school, followed by 3 years of pediatric residency. I have passed a written examination given by the American Board of Pediatrics. I recertify by taking examinations every 7 years, to keep up to date on changes in children’s health care. As a pediatrician I also take a certain number of continuing medical education courses each year to be eligible for license renewal in the state where I practice.

I have additional training in a subspecialty area such as cardiology.

I had 3 years of additional training after residency to be board certified in my subspecialty. I speak four different languages as in Mi’kmaq, English, French, And Spanish . I have Masters degrees in fields such as child development, education, and child psychology.



Objective/Position Applying For

Doctor of Pediatrics


WORK Experience


2018–2020        I.W.K Halifax                                             Halifax, N.S

Doctor of Pediatrics

n     I was emergency servies for children and youth.

n     I established a new program called Base Care Model.

n     I did day surgery for our clients.



2023-2035         Miami Children’s Hospital                         Miami,Florida

Doctor Of Pediatrics

n     I provided comprehensive care and rehabilitation in all clinical areas for infants, children and young adults.

n     i had to use my expertise of multi-disciplinary teams of various pediatric medical, surgical and rehabilitation specialists to develop a systematic, comprehensive treatment plan for each child.

n     For 6 months I helped with the Miami children cancer research.



2036-2043         St Paul’s Hospital                                         St Pauls,NS

Doctor Of Pediatrics

n     I did medical and surgical programs, including cardiac services, HIV/AIDS and kidney care.

n     I made a support group for children facing chronic or life-threatening illness or experiencing a family loss..

n     I made pet therapy visit program at the hospital .





2003-2007  Eskasoni High School                                       Eskasoni,NS

n     Graduated in June 2007


2008-2013  University Of New Brunswick                           St Johns,NB

n     Masters degree in languages


2008-2013  University Of New Brunswick                           St Johns,NB

n     Masters degrees in fields such as child development, education, and child psychology



Awards and Achievements


Honors with distinction,  an award  for cancer research, and an award about the research for HIV/AIDS. 


Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests


Science Club, Envirothon, peer helping, Study Groups.






John F Mcdonald (Doctor)

315 High Street, Halifax, NS



Debby Mackenzie(Doctor)

65 Cabot Street, Fredericton, NB

(506) 453-4768


Robert Focker

9695 Lovely St, Miami, Florida