I am applying for the position of Police Chief for the Cityville Police Department.  As you can see, my education and experience in policing in Native communities is an asset.  I believe the people of Cityville will benefit when they hire me as Police Chief.




          Sugarloaf Senior High School

          Graduated with a College Prepatory diploma in 2012.


          Miramichi Community College

          2345 West Street

          Miramichi, NB

          I graduated with a Police Science degree in 2014.


          University of New Brunswick

          P.O. Box 4400

          Fredericton, NB

          I graduated with a Forensic Science degree in 2018.




          My degrees and with my experience in policing, I believe I am the person you are looking for.



Relevant Experience

          I had the position of Police Officer for the Cityville Police Department for the last 5 years.  I earned citations for my work and for my volunteering for the Big Brothers Association.  I am also a volunteer for the Cityville First Nation Youth Center.




          Nicholas Martin, Military 695-485-5179

          Spencer Barnaby, SWAT 512-625-8689

          Carlene Isaac, Police Officer 410-578-3346