I am applying for the position of Chemist.  I believe I am the best candidate for this job because it is my desire to be the best.




          Rothsay Netherwood School

          1234 Second Avenue

          Rothsay, NB

          I graduated with a diploma in the Science Program in 2012.


          Dalhousie University

          P.O. Box 4566

          Halifax, NS

          I graduated with a Science Degree in 2016.


          Ottawa University

          2878 Senator Street

          Ottawa, ON

          I graduated with a Masters Degree in Chemistry in 2018.  I also was on the Dean's           List the year I graduated.

          I also earned a Doctorate Degree in Biochemistry in 2020 at Ottawa University.















          I have worked as a Chemist for the Acme Corporation in South Carolina for the past 5 years.  I have enjoyed working as a chemist but I believe my future will be with your company.  I have the necessary education and experience and I know that I will be a benefit to your company.




          Jean Isaac, Teacher, Alaqsite'w Gitpu School 418-788-3101

          Spencer Barnaby, SWAT Team Member 450-869-6587

          Oneesha Benitez, Police Officer 493-788-3649