I am applying for a job of a police officer becauseI would like to work for the community.



          I graduated from the Sugarloaf Senior High School in the year 2018.  I graduated from the Academics Program.

          I did my RCMP Training at their Center in Nanaimo,BC.  I completed their 10 month police training program. I graduated first in my class in weapons and hand to hand combat.

After graduating from police training, I applied to Metro Division in Halifax and I am currently a patrol officer and I have recieved citations from the city.

          I am really good at being a police officer and I plan on dedicating my life to policing.                      




Carlene Isaac, Police Officer 410-788-336

Celine Dedam, Nurse 496-788-1369

Destiny Ward, Chemist 506-759 1224