The Card of Valentine’s Day

A little boy named Mikey was exited about Valentine’s Day. He waited and waited. “Mom”, He said, “When will valentine’s day be here? It feels like forever. I’ve been waiting for a long time.”
“Sweety, Valentine’s day will soon be here, O.K?”, his mom said.
Mikey said, “But mom, school is tomorrow and I need my valentine’s cards, plus it’s the party.” Mikey felt frustrated.
Mikey said,” I don’t think I’m going, O.K. mom?
“O.K. honey, but you will stay in your room if you don’t go to school.”
“Okay”, Mikey said, “I’ll go.” Mikey was tired and went to bed.
The next morning was Valentine’s Day. Mikey couldn’t wait to give his friends the cards he had. His teacher said, “Good morning class and happy Valentine’s day. Today we have to show our friends how much we care, now time for card exchange.”
Mikey got a surprise card. “Miss” he said, “I got a card from a grade 9 girl, Yuck!” Mikey was in grade 5. His classmates teased him. They asked what the card said. “It says ‘be mine’ and it’s from the prettiest girl” Mikey said, smiling. “I love her!”
Some of Mikey’s classmates snickered. Mikey got mad. “Now class, settle down or you’ll all be in detention for a year,” Said the teacher.
“Miss, we love you, we’re sorry, please forgive us”, the kids shouted.
“O.K” the teacher said.

The kids traded the valentine’s cards with each other, and shared some special chocolates. Mikey had a lot of fun at the party. He couldn’t wait to show his mom his special card. It turned out to be a valentine’s day worth waiting for.

The End

Jewel Stride
Conne River

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