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"Kesaltultimkewey Ntu'lkatikn!"
Wasuek nutat kispesan
Mispesann nuta'tij alukk,
Alukk nuta't samqwan,
Aqq ni'n nutal ki'l ksalin.

"I like you book!"
flowers need rainm
rain needs clouds,
clouds need water,
and I need you to love me.

Love is in the sky
When I look into your eyes
Dear god bless us
as we journey through what is yours
Romantically lying under the
bright moonlight
Making sweet sweet love until the break
of daylight
Never seem to forget this day is yours
This I wright to you my love

Muin kesatk mijipjamuejapu,
Jijji'j kesatk ketapekiet,
Wasuekji'j kesalqtl ne'ku'set
Katu ni'n mawu ksalul'ki'l.

Bear likes honeybee,
Bird likes to sing,
Flower likes sun,
But I like you very much!

right side

This is from
my heart with
to you
This is for every hour
We have ever
spent together,
For every kiss,
Each embrace.
And every tear shed
for one another ...

This is for every precious moment
We have created, Just by being together:
For all the times we managed to work
through out anger and our tears, For all the
times I was distressed. And you were patient.
This is for every times that you were there when
I needed you:
For all the personal sacrifices you have made for me.
For all the times when you understood me.
For all the support that you have always giving me,
This is for all the beautiful memories:
of the love we have made and given to each other,
of all the tenderness and love that you have shown me,
of all the little things you have done for me
That in time have added up to be so great.
Most of all this is for you from me:
To show you just how special I believe you really are.
this is from my heart: To thank you for everything you have
done for me. To thank you and to let you know exactly how I feel about you. And for all the times I forgot to tell you
those things.
This is to remind you That I will always love you.

left side

Kesalultes Iapjiw
Nkamulamut Alustmin
Kesalul Kiju
Kesalul Nutj
Wla Wasuek Wukjit Kil
Ankite'lmul Wla Kesaltimkewey

Newtiska'q mekwe'kik kamulamunk

right side

Kesalul, Kesalin
Tewji Wita'si Kitapti'k
Na ke'kutoqja'lul aqq
Aqq Ki'ltliml Kesalin.

For Valentine's Day
Top Ten Reasons To Be In Love With You

10. Your Smile.
9. Your thoughtfulness.
8. Your eyes.
7. Your sense of humor.
6. Your lips
5. Your ... well, you know.
4. Your trust and understanding.
3. Your lips. Hey, it's my list, I can say it twice if I want.
2. Your sensitivity and support.
and the #1 reason to be in love with you ...

1. Your insight and intelligence.

After all, you were smart enough to fall in love with me!

Melissa Peck


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