Far from feeling blue

Love & affection where do I begin?
It starts with a smile
Maybe even a grin
Slowly starts the talking,
A little chit-chat here & there
And then you finally realize
That love is in the air
The emotion seems a bit scary
But just let it take control
And maybe then you’ll notice
This person loves your soul
As you begin to trust
That this love isn’t lust…
Open your heart
And believe in it
And that is simply a must
It all seems too good to be true
Almost like a dream
When the person you’re with
Finally says those words
Everything then becomes a blur
And you say the same words too
You start feeling happy & beautiful
You’re far from feeling blue
And those beautiful words
That made you feel this way
Were the words
“I love you”

Cassandra Poulette

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