Remember Loving Each Other

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Angel. She liked a boy named Ben. One day Angel went to Ben house. She knocked on the front door. Ben said to his mom,” I like a girl named Angel .She is in a class. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I am to shy to tell her I like her.”
Ben heard a knock on the door Ben opened the door. Ben saw Angel .Ben said, “What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to tell you I like you.”
Bens face turned red. Ben said, “Why do you like me? I am ugly.”
Angel said, “No, you are not .You are beautiful.” Ben laughed. Angel said to Ben, “Do you know tomorrow is valentines day?”
Ben said, “Yes, I know.”
“Well, I made you a valentine’s card,”
Ben said. “I made you one too you know .The card that said I love you Angel.”
“Yes, I remember that one.”
“Well,” Ben said, “That one was from me.”
Angel said, “You do love me and I love you too.”
Ben said, “You do like me.”
They ended up going to school together. They went to college together. Angel works in a museum now. Ben works as the janitor of a school. Now they wish they were in high school. They always think about it together. One night Ben was in the attic.
Ben found all his old high school work.

Marlena Simon

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