The Little Kid That Likes Valentines

One day, Kim was going to school. When she got to school, she looked to see if she had any Valentines cards. She had none. She was sad. Her teacher said, “You can’t have any Valentine’s cards.”
“Why?” said Kim
The teacher said, “Because you always get Valentine’s. That makes people sad.” Then, when school was over, she went home. When she got home, no one was there, but she thought everyone was there. Then she hollered, “Mom, Dad.” She ran upstairs. She looked everywhere.
When she went in her bedroom, she found a big card. The valentine from her mom said, “I heard that you didn’t get valentines, so I am giving you this big valentine and then she kept on reading it and it said, ‘I love you very much.’ Then she felt better and then she went to school and it was show and tell day. She showed everyone and everyone liked it. Then they all made one for their mommies.

The End

Leteesha Denny

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