Fighting for love.

One day, a girl named Audrey was playing in the park when she saw a cute boy named Guy. She already knew him, but she felt shy around him. She wanted to go up to him and say, “I love you,” but she was too shy. Audrey was in love with Guy, and Guy was in love with Audrey, but a boy named John liked Audrey.
Audrey did not like John. John and Guy were best friends. John said to Guy, “We will fight for Audrey, and if I win I get her as my girlfriend’’.
Guy said, “and if I win I get her as my girlfriend”.
So Guy said. “Lets fight.” They started to fight, and when they started to fight Guy was wining. and Audrey was so embarrassed. They were getting black eyes. When they were done, Guy won the fight, and Audrey was Guy’s girlfriend. They fell in love. They had a baby girl named Karla Jean Pierro.

The End

Karla Jean Pierro

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