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What About Us?

Four years ago, only one Atlantic First Nation school had connectivity on par with provincial schools. Last year 28 Atlantic First Nation schools had high speed internet and videoconferencing through Industry Canada's First Nation SchoolNet program. Now the program is scheduled to end and no one is stepping forward to guarantee that connectivity continues.

What about us?

This month's activity will encourage Canada's Aboriginal Youth to deliver their message in a socially active and responsible manner.

Deadline October 20, 2006

Students will have an opportunity to have their voices heard. We will do our best to carry their message to as wide an audience as possible. We will have a national videoconference (tentatively) Thursday, October 26 at 11 a.m. AST/ 10:00 EST and will endeavour to put the students' stories on national media.

Unfortunately, with the cutbacks, there is no budget for individual or group prizes!


Students are encouraged to tell the story of how important broadband communications are to them. One way to do this would be to highlight past successes or capacities compared to what their lives and opportunities would be without high speed internet access and videoconferencing.

Developing the message is an important part. It might be done with digital video reports, podcasts, stories, posters, or blogs.

Delivering the message is the other critical part. Students should consider who should hear the message. Is it their Chief and Council? Do they already support the idea but not have funding? What about the Assembly of First Nations and other Native organizations?

Who are the federal government representatives that should be responsible for funding this resource? What are the agencies, and who are the elected officials that are pledged to represent the people?

What about the provinces? Do they have any moral responsibility to share their resources?

How do students gain access to the decision makers? Does public opinion matter and how do issues gain exposure ? How will their message be heard?

First Nation schools and students across the country are invited to participate in their own way and share their messages.


Please let Help Desk staff know of your activities. Materials that should be posted, printed, broadcast, or presented to mass media outlets should be submitted by October 20.

E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com