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Song, Lyrics & Performance © Dr. Bernie Francis.
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Kloqoejk kesasultijik ne'pîti'kw
Stars shine brightly while we sleep

Waisisji'jk weli maliamujik
Little animals are well cared for

Ansale'wit jikeiwaji Mi'kma'ji'jk
Angel watches over little Mi'kmaq

Ke'sk Kisu'lkw jiko'teket
While the Creator watches

Wjit ki'l aq wjit ni'n
For you and for me

{English Section}

Ksite'taqnji'j wli-npa nike'j
So precious one sleep well

Mukk wktayulij poqnitpa'q
Don't be afraid of the darkness

Piskwasit tepknuset ta'n eymin
The moon shines where you are

Aq Kisu'lkw jiko'teket wjit ki'l aq wjit ni'n
And the Creator watches for you and for me

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
Kloqoejk kesasultijik. The stars are bright. Kloqoejk kesasultijik.
Ansale'wit jikeiwaji. An angel is watching them. Ansale'wit jikeiwaji.
Kisu'lkw jiko'teket. The Creator watches. Kisu'lkw jiko'teket.
Ksite'taqnji'j, wli-npa. Precious one, sleep well. Ksite'taqnji'j, wli-npa.
Piskwasit tepknuset. The moon is shining in. Piskwasit tepknuset.

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