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Ni'n na Mi'kma'ji'j
Song, Lyrics & Performance © 2002 Dr. Bernie Francis.
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Ni'n na Mi'kma'ji'j
I'm a little Mi'kmaw child
I am small
Te'sikiskîk sku'lewi
Everyday I go to school
Kekinu'tmasiann klusuaqnn
I learn words

Mi'kmawe'l metu'teskl
The Mi'kmaw words are difficult

Apoqnmuit na ntti'jrem
My teacher helps me
Menaqa l'nui'sin
To speak my Native tongue correctly

Kulaman nike' msîkilan
So that when I grow big
I will speak my language well

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
Koqoey apoqnmask kti'jjrem? What is it that your teacher helps you with? Koqoey apoqnmask kti'jjrem?
Menaqa l'nui'sin. To speak native correctly. Menaqa l'nui'sin.
Kulaman koqoey? So that what? Kulaman koqoey?
Kulaman wli-l'nui'sites. So that I will speak native correctly. Kulaman wli-l'nui'sites.

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