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O' Kanata
Song, Lyrics & Performance © Dr. Bernie Francis.
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O' Kanata
Oh Canada

Kmîtkinu kinu
Our territory

Me'ki ksite'lmulek
We feel highly for you

In our hearts

Kesi ksalulek
We love you

We're proud of you

You have given us strength

Ta'n tetutki'k
The entire area

U't maqmikew
Of this land

Melki ankweyulek
We strongly protect you

Kisu'lkw wli-anko'tj
May the Creator protect

Our territory

O' Kanata melki ikalulek
Oh Canada we strongly protect you

O' Kanata melki ikalulek
Oh Canada we strongly protect you

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
Kmîtkinu. Our land.(territory) Kmîtkinu.
Nkamlamun My heart. Nkamlamun
Kesi-ksalulek. We love you greatly. Kesi-ksalulek.
Ankweyulek. We take care of you. Ankweyulek.
Kisu'lkw Creator Kisu'lkw
U't maqmikew. This land. U't maqmikew.

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