"Ke Kinu'tmui Ta'n Teli L'nui'simk, Kiju." - Page 19

Jijuaqa, Apsitanewji'j se'skwet aqq elu'kwat nataqowey
"Kiju, KEKA! Ala squlj epit ke ajiney!"

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All of a sudden, Little Marten shouts and points to something in the swamp water.
"Grandma, LOOK! There's a bullfrog. Go get it!"

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Copyright Patsy Paul-Martin 2001-2002. Used with permission.
Written and Narrated by Patsy Paul-Martin, Illustrations by Melody Martin.
Originally Published by Eastern Woodland Publishing, Truro, NS.
Web version prepared by Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk.