Waltesey A'tukwaqn - Page 10

Nujo'tk Ka'qna'tasi tettuji ksatkis papuaqn
waltestamk, na iknmuasn kisiku'l wkwisl
wjijaqamijl, pisilitl wjijaqamijuo'q-iktuk aqq
nespi-iknmuasnn mnijkimusi'k aqq nipisoqnkji'jk
l'ma'lan Mi'kmaki.

Na kespi a'tuksi'k

The Gate Keeper had so much fun playing waltes, he returned the spirit of the old man's son in an urn and in addition gave him fruit trees and bushes as a gift to take back with him to the Land of the Mi'kmaq.

That is how it was told to us.

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Written and illustrated by Mary Rose Julian.
Narrated by April Julian. Pencil coloured by Alice Paul.
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